Welcome to the website of the Susanne Klatten endowed Chair for Empirical Educational Research

Foto Manfred Prenzel

Empirical educational research examines lifelong educational requirements, processes and results. Objects of research include educational processes in characteristic educational institutions such as nursery schools, schools, universities and in further education.

There is also focus on extracurricular educational settings (i.e. museums, leisure centers). Approaches of empirical educational research are mostly interdisciplinary and combine pedagogical, psychological, sociological perspectives as well as subject-didactical and education-economic ones.

The higher goal of empirical educational research is to understand the reality of education (better) and to develop it (further). Teacher training is a central topic at the TUM School of Education, in research as well as in teaching.


We examine education in Germany from many different scientific perspectives. Interdisciplinary and comparative approaches help us to analyse educationally relevant topics on various different levels.


Topics of our teaching are: the educational system (institutions and institutional frameworks), concepts of learning and teaching, quality management and development of quality. The courses address teacher students and focus on the development of job-related scientific competences.